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20th December 2018
IGN Reveals New Control FBC Environment Trailer

Yesterday evening, IGN released an unexpected and exclusive trailer showcasing Control's Federal Bureau of Control building, with voice over by the game's Zachariah Trench (and voice of Max Payne), James McCaffrey.

The video is a haunting glimpse at what the player can expect to find in the game, including floating antagonists, inhuman creatures, and wide-scale destruction, but the voice over provides more detail into what the FBC is and their mission. Statements in Trench's recording hints towards the Altered World Events (AWE) previously linked to Quantum Break (spray painted near "ground zero") and the Alan Wake series (as mentioned in the side blog, This House of Dreams.) Whereas the building itself sounds almost organic in a way, housing these oddities without human interference and holding independent power.

You can check the full video embedded above, but we also have the transcript for anyone looking to reference the voice over:
Voice Over Transcript: August 4th 1964 - Bureau agents discovered the oldest house investigating an Altered World Event case in the New York City subway tunnels. It's a place of power. From the outside it looks like an ordinary building, a brutalist skyscraper. But inside it breaks the laws of our reality. Unstable. Mad. Shifting. There are rooms in the building where other dimensions leak in; we call these rooms thresholds. There is a connection between our minds and the unknown, often hostile forces intruding on our world. These forces gravitate towards everyday objects; a gun, a television, a house with the reputation of being "haunted". So somehow we affect these events. We're holding the key but we don't have a clue on how to use it. We're dealing with dangerous, unknown forces here. What's the cause and what's the effect? Are we the starting point or just the necessary evil in this? We're on a mission to find answers to these questions... or die trying. This is Zachariah Trench, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control.
(Update: Patrick has also typed the transcript for the trailer and posted it on the official Control Discord server for fans looking to discuss it! Check out the channel, HERE.)

Following The Game Awards earlier in the month, Remedy's Communications Director expressed an interest (although mentioned in passing) on Twitter about showing new Control footage, as the last major showcase was back in June at E3 2018. The prompt came in response to the show which featured previously revealed clips of Control as part of their pre-show program. But while the possibility of new footage was on the horizon, it's great to see it released this soon after initial teasers, and is a nicely timed Christmas present for the community.


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