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9th November 2018
Off-Topic! Desert Bus For Hope 2018

While this post is not strictly Remedy-related, I wanted to talk about an incredible event taking place today. At 10am PST (6pm GMT), Loading Ready Run begins their 12th annual Desert Bus For Hope marathon benefitting Child's Play Charity!

What Is Desert Bus for Hope. The marathon first began in 2007 and blends the mediocre task of driving a bus from Tucson to Las Vegas in real time (in which one trip equals one point in the game) with the spontaneous craziness that the marathon has become known for over the years. The more money raised, the more the team drives the bus, and the more funds go to Child's Play. Across the event, there are giveaways, auctions, interviews, competitions, challenges and more to keep viewers engaged and to encourage more donations.

In the lead up to the event, the Desert Bus Craft Along has seen an incredible amount of handmade donations roll in from viewers including an Aperture Science computer case, Warhammer 40K Desert Bus models, Guilds of Ravnica bowls, and a Sonic the Hedgehog Box Art Cross-Stitch. (Someone also made a Legend of Zelda coffee table and... turns out that I have a Legend of Zelda coffee table shaped hole in my heart all these years.) Viewers have the opportunity to bid for these one of a kind items during the event.

Over the past eleven years, the livestreams has raised a staggering $4,471,043.28.

What Is Child's Play Charity. Since its startup in 2003, Child's Play Charity has improved the lives of hospitalised children by providing games and toys to make their treatment and recovery more bearable. Through donations and gaming marathons, the organisation has raised $44,484,612 (at time of writing) for over 150 hospitals and facilities worldwide. In 2013, Child's Play founded a new project, the Domestic Violence Shelter Program, which uses gaming as a therapeutic tool and as a bridge for children to help them form new relationships with people. For more information on Child's Play or their Domestic Violence Shelter Program, check out their website, HERE.

Wait, Loading Ready Run? Loading Ready Run is an online-based comedy group in Victoria BC, Canada. They've been around since 2003 and for the majority of that time uploaded weekly sketches, before moving to Twitch broadcasting for video games, tabletop games, variety shows (such as LoadingReadyLive, The Panelysts, and my favourite Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Fry) and more. They've also worked with websites such as The Escapist and Penny Arcade, and franchises such as Magic The Gathering. Their name may also be familiar as they covered Alan Wake across a number of shows (posts one and two) following its departure from digital marketplaces over music licensing last May.

Where to Watch & How to Support.  You can watch the broadcast and join in the chat over on Desert Bus Twitch channel. Donations can be made through their website.
Photography by Kolin Toney.


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