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14th November 2018
Strategy Guide Publisher, Prima Games Due To Close

Prima Games, the publishing company behind the Alan Wake Strategy Guide, Alan Wake Illuminated, and Quantum Break's The Secret History of Time Travel has announced that it will be closing down after twenty eight years.

During it's twenty eight year run, it has produced over 1,400 titles with 90 million strategy guides in print.

Unfortunately with the increase in online walkthroughs and lets plays, the need for published strategy guides have diminished in the industry, with the books becoming a collector's item or merchandise rather than a tool to complete the game. In recent years, Prima changed their approach to their publications, moving away solely from complete walkthroughs to include behind the scenes write ups. The move can be seen in the Alan Wake guide bundle which included a separate strategy guide and the Alan Wake Illuminated book which delved into the development history. Later for the release of Quantum Break, The Secret History of Time Travel was published with both the behind the scenes chapters and walkthrough in one hardback book.

More recently, the publishers have been turning their attention to books which examine the industry such as Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play which focused on female developers, Twenty Years of Tomb Raider which celebrated the brand's milestone, and Atari Flashback: The Essential Companion which looked back at the past forty years.

It's always sad news when a gaming company closes down, especially a place with so many talented employees, naturally we hope they will move onto exciting new adventures soon.


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