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4th October 2018
Heading to New York Comic Con?
Your Guide to Attending The Convention & Control Panel

Tomorrow, Remedy will be taking to the stage at New York Comic Con to reveal new details about their upcoming game, Control. Events kick off at 6:30pm with a special panel on the game with Sam Lake (Creative Director), Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden), James McCaffrey (Former-FBC Director, Zachariah Trench) and Matthew Porretta (Dr Casper Darling). A one-hour meet and greet, plus signing, session will follow.

For fans attending the event, we've put together a guide detailing information on the panel and some tips (with help from the wonderful Stella of Stella's Tomb Raider Walkthroughs).

Key Links

- Directions to the Centre
- Badge Activation (Must Take Place Before Going)
- Medical Assistance Program
- Anti-Harassment Policy
- Map: New York Comic Con Showfloor
- Map: Javits Center Map

Panel & Signing Details:

A New York Mystery: Meet the Cast of Remedy’s Control
[From the Official New York Comic Con Site]

6:30 - 7:30pm [Room 1A18]
Remedy’s games have always been set in locations rich in character, and their upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter, Control, is no exception. The fan-favorite Max Payne was set in New York, and they’ve been inspired by the city once again in Control, which takes place in a fictional, mysterious Brutalist New York skyscraper that’s just as much a character as any of the people in the game.

This panel will introduce the main cast of Control – including the exclusive reveal of an unannounced character – many of whom have made appearances in Remedy’s previous critically-acclaimed games Alan Wake, Max Payne and Quantum Break. Along with creative director Sam Lake, they’ll discuss their past experiences making games with Remedy and how that lead to this project, as well as premiere a new behind-the-scenes video offering an unprecedented look at the creation of Control and how the actors are involved in the process.

Panelists include:
- Sam Lake (Creative Director, Remedy Entertainment)
- Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden, Control / Quantum Break's Beth Wilder)
- James McCaffrey (Zachariah Trench, Control / Voice of Max Payne)
- Matthew Porretta (Dr Casper Darling, Control / Voice of Alan Wake)
- Moderated by Madeline Ricchiuto, Head Games Writer at Bleeding Cool

Cast of Remedy's Control Signing

7:30 - 8:30pm [Room 1A18]
Following the Control talk, the four panelists will stay for an hour-long meet-and-greet with fans, closing Friday's series of NYCC activities.

Panelists include:
- Sam Lake (Creative Director, Remedy Entertainment)
- Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden, Control / Quantum Break's Beth Wilder)
- James McCaffrey (Zachariah Trench, Control / Voice of Max Payne)
- Matthew Porretta (Dr Casper Darling, Control / Voice of Alan Wake)

Tips for Attendees

A few years ago, the lovely Stella from Stella's Tomb Raider Walkthroughs, attended as part of a community event for the upcoming release of Rise of the Tomb Raider. I contacted her last night to ask if she had any tips that she could give to Remedy fans heading to New York Comic Con for the first time. She kindly sent some advice over for things which came to mind. She went back in 2014, so some of the issues she mentioned may have been resolved and others changed over the years, but it provides a good basis about what you might expect:

- Ticket Policy! This was an aspect which Stella mentioned had changed due to some confusion and anger in previous years. Unfortunately, if you haven't already got your ticket for tomorrow they're sold out on their site, so getting one might be tricky but not impossible. If you purchased a ticket after September 16th, all orders for badges are "Will Call" only which means you can pick it up at Will Call in the Crystal Palace (on the map). The times change each day but for Friday, they're open from 7am - 8pm. Before heading to the convention, double check their ticket page, especially the badge activation page, to make sure that there will be no unwanted surprises at the door.

- Know Where you're going! While the Javits Center isn't as big as some other conventions, it can sometimes be confusing, especially among the crowds. Back in 2014, the signage appearantly wasn't that clear so what Stella recommends is getting a map of the centre (you will need Room 1A18 for the Control panel and signing) and ideally a paper one if you can! Things which also will help: planning ahead how to get to the building, and looking up where you need to go in advance, just to be sure.

- Hydrate (But Not Too Much)! Make sure to get some water at the show, but be aware about drinking too much. The lines to the bathroom, especially the ladies, can be quite long.

- Plan Food Ahead Of Time! Food on the showfloor can be pricey, with long queues that are maybe not always worth the wait. Before heading to the showfloor, check out some nearby restaurants or take some food to have with you on the go such as breakfast bars. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes near the convention centre though if you're looking for a warm meal out. (Starbucks is on the third level of the convention centre for caffeine boosts).

- Bring Cash! A lot of sellers and companies accept card, but as Stella mentions "cash is king". While it's safe around the convention floor, she also recommends storing it in multiple places rather than in just the obvious; it's unlikely that there will be any pickpockets in the area but juuuuust in case, you do not want to be in that situation, especially if you're visiting as a tourist. Similarly, if you're staying in a hotel, make sure to store valuables in the safe or a secure location, it's extremely rare that something will happen to them but, again, just in case.

- Think Ahead About Getting Merchandise Back Home! Whether you're buying comics, posters or something fragile, think about how you're going to be getting it back home. If you're driving, it's less of an issue but getting it on a plane? It's going to be tricky; you're going to be travelling with a lot of people who are just done, want to get home, and won't consider about anyone else's luggage. If you're getting some artwork, Stella suggests bringing a sturdy poster tube.

- Wi-Fi! Wifi at events like these can cost a fortune so look out for if booths have free hotspots, "that's usually in the program, but ask around if its an issue". There are also free charging ports around the showfloor if your device gets low.

- Get There Early! While we know that the Control panel is taking place in Room 1A18, we're not quite sure of the arrangements with the panel. It might be worth querying with a steward when you reach the event. It's possible that it's a first-come-first-serve panel, so make sure that you're there early and queued up, especially as they've mentioned on their map that they don't clear out the audience for that specific room.


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