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30th October 2018
Remedy's Halloween Stream with Sam Lake and Ilkka Villi

To celebrate the return of Alan Wake to digital marketplaces, Remedy has scheduled a special Halloween livestream this Wednesday featuring special guests, Sam Lake and Ilkka Villi!

While the duo worked together at launch events for Alan Wake, and for promotional videos for Quantum Break, the upcoming livestream will be the first time the two have both sat down for an online event.

A little about their role on the title: Sam worked as the Lead Writer on Alan Wake, with Mikko Rautalahti (now Narrative Director at Next Games), before becoming the Creative Director on Quantum Break. Whereas Ilkka brought the character to life in a different way, by providing the character's likeness, as a motion capture actor, and a liveaction actor.

Just a quick update to the tweet, Helsinki switched over from EEST to EET over the weekend. In the comments they confirm that it's "7pm Helsinki time" so make sure to mark your time related to EET or you might miss the first hour of the broadcast. 

The livestream will take place on Remedy's Twitch channel at 5pm GMT*.

For the occasion, Remedy fan and artist, Carla, created a wonderful new piece of digital artwork in anticipation for the livestream. Check out more of her gorgeous art on her deviantArt page!

We also have artwork by the talented BluFlame from Twitter with Halloween-themed sketch featuring Sam and Ilkka.

Yay, we're back on GMT! Take that British Summer Time.


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