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15th October 2018
Helsinki Design Week Talks to Tommi Saalasti & Paul Ehreth

This week, Tommi Saalasti (Principal Gameplay Designer at Remedy) and Paul Ehreth (Lead Designer at Remedy) spoke to

Every week, the site talks to different studios and the people working there. Over the past few weeks they have spoken to Nathalie Lautenbacher, Aoi Yoshizawa, Mikko Laakkonen, Tero Kuitnen and more, exploring a range of different creators and styles in the industry.

In this latest instalment of the series, HelsinkiDesignWeek delves into the work that Remedy's designers do, how they got into games, and what influences the work they do.

You can check out Paul's and Tommi's interview, HERE
(It was also Tommi's first interview!)

The Weekly Studio series visits the workplaces of interesting people. This week it’s time to see the space of Remedy Entertainment. Crystal Bennes met Tommi Salasti who is the Principal Gameplay Designer and the Lead Designer of Control, Paul Ehreth.


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