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13th October 2018
The Awesome Things In The Wake Of The TV Reveal

Last month, Remedy announced a partnership with Contradiction Films to bring an Alan Wake television show to fans.

Peter Calloway, known for his work on Legion, has signed on as the show runner and writer, but there will also be some Remedy folks involved in the project including Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) who will serve as the show's Executive Producer. Another Executive Producer is Jon Jashni (at Raintree Ventures) who advised Contradiction and Remedy on the transaction, and will see the project through. The countdown has begun with the companies already approaching potential partners with Calloway's full pitch.

Following the reveal, fans immediately started celebrating what could be a second start for the franchise. Check out some of the amazing work below: 

Starting off the list, we have more gorgeous work by talented artist Evil-Owl-Loki who created a stunning new piece reversing the genders of the Alan Wake characters. She captured the personalities of each character perfectly and immediately you can tell exactly who each character is. I've always adored Mary's work and style so I instantly fell in love with this piece as soon as it was posted. It's stunning work!

Another artist I love is 03roku, whose Deerfest/TV adaption piece caught my eye with its sublime use of colours and sweet sense of humour. If you've read our Deerfest wrap-up, you've already seen this latest piece, but since it celebrates the TV adaption, I couldn't help but feature it again. It's wonderful to see new Alan Wake pieces being created by 03roku, as they're a long-time Alan Wake fan and an active artist with over 100 pieces dedicated to Remedy's titles.

The wonderful Katerina is back with another gorgeous Alan Wake piece. This latest addition was part of an art trade with Carla, and she really knocked it out of the park. It has that dark, ominous atmosphere that feels perfectly and uniquely Alan Wake.

She also runs the Remedy Community deviantArt page which is a wonderful and welcoming community, she does an amazing job there, so if you haven't checked it out already, I really recommend going. 

Sebastian showed off his amazing Alan Wake cosplay earlier this month complete with leather elbow pads on the jacket, it might not make him very rock n' roll but he makes a fantastically authentic Wake and a perfect stunt double!

Long-time Remedy fan, Patrick of PayneReactor wrote about the new announcement in a great article on his website, wrapping up everything that has been revealed about the new TV adaption. Check his blog post in the tweet below!

Another amazing Alan Wake cosplayer who did something special for the recent announcement is @lithmire on Twitter, whose funny and charming interpretation of Rose Marigold was a perfect tribute to the latest news.

If you're in the Poets of the Fall community, Tiia Öhman may be a familiar name to you, she is the official photographer for the band. So when it was announced that there was plans for an Alan Wake TV adaption, she excitedly posted up new photographs from the filming of Poets of the Fall's Alan Wake-inspired music video, War.

Alan Wake is becoming a TV show!!! To celebrate these exciting news for @remedygames, here’s a throwback to the filming of @poetsofthefallband’s ”War” video, the song that was featured on the game back in the day. I spent a day and two nights with this awesome bunch; first one in the forest with @ilkkavilli_official AKA Alan Wake himself & the Poetic lumberjack, then another on the chilly beach of #Lauttasaari with Marko and the directors Akseli & Aleksi. ⠀ I spotted the game news on @igndotcom’s Fb page this morning and was soooo delighted to see that one of the most popular comments was one wishing for Poets’ music to be featured on the TV show too 😍 YES TO THIS!!! I’m sure y’all agree. I know it’s too early for any speculations, but it’s really cool to have some exciting things ahead to look forward to. ⠀ Visit for HQ versions ♥️ ⠀ #PoetsoftheFall #Remedy #AlanWake #IlkkaVilli #stillphotography #onsetphotography #Helsinki #musicvideo
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Our final new celebration came from Instagram user, singhfellas, who went to Rage Expo soon after the announcement with an awesome Alan Wake cosplay, accompanied with a Wake-ified Minecraft head. His cosplay was partly due to a love for the series and also in celebration for the TV reveal.

Following the news, some fans also uploaded throwbacks to previous Alan Wake-inspired work including Kristy (InvisibleRain/Clara Wake) and more from Mary (Evil-Owl-Loki). I love these pieces!


Formerly "Vanguard"

The Crossfire Series

The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series



Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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