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15th September 2018
The 77th Annual Deerfest Festival / Deerfest Infographic

It's Deerfest Time! For Alan Wake fans it's a nice excuse to reflect on the game and a chance to celebrate it a little. Over the years, the community has arranged competitions, giveaways, game code lucky dips, or created their own fan artwork, all to celebrate the occassion.

For those who don't know: Deerfest is an annual event in Alan Wake's Bright Falls taking place in mid-September, celebrating community and friendship, while also taking those sweet, sweet tourist dollars. It's the town's main festival and features hunting competitions, parades, and food, all while celebrating the importance that the deer has on the county.

This year, the event is made a little more special with the recent announcement that Remedy is working with Contradiction Films to bring an Alan Wake television show to fans. Their show runner and writer, Peter Calloway, has already signed up to the project and the companies will be approaching potential partners with Calloway's proposal starting next month.

For our contributions to the Deerfest celebrations, we have an infographic on some of the festival details, as well as some facts about the deer that you can find in Washington state.

Happy Deerfest!


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