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2nd August 2018
New CROSSFIRE 2 Gameplay Trailer

Smilegate has been pretty quiet in regards CROSSFIRE 2 / HD lately. Details about international competitions and beta testing has been hitting the news recently but it's been tricky tracking down information about the upcoming story mode created in collaboration with Remedy, or details about the release. Which is why we're excited about CROSSFIRE 2's new gameplay trailer.

Fellow Remedy fan and forum member, Abel09, has been doing an amazing job finding and posting new trailers for CROSSFIRE 2 including this newly released trailer:

To join the discussion on the forums, click HERE to go to the CROSSFIRE 2 / HD trailer thread.

As for release dates, things are still a little foggy. Russian gaming site, VGTimes, referred to a late 2018 release, with other sources stating that the game will release first in China before expanding to other regions, which is not entirely unexpected as the multiplayer is being developed between Smilegate and Tencent. The game will feature eight different modes, with twenty weapons at the player's disposal and ten characters.


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