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27th June 2018
DOS Game Club Podcast Celebrates Death Rally [1996]

If you love podcasts on retro gaming, you're going to love these people! DOS Game Club is a monthly podcast and group dedicated to DOS games. In regular game showcases, they take suggestions from their community and dedicate a lengthy tribute and in-depth look to the title.

Recently the podcast hosts focused on the original Death Rally, which was Remedy's first ever game, and published the following year after the company was created, back in 1996.

They focus on the game in incredible detail, to the point where if you have never tried the game before, you walk away with a really good understanding of the title, the genre that it was joining at the time, and its long history.

Make sure to check it out HERE!

In the podcast, Martijn and Florian are joined by David and Oddvar as they discussed the game. The title was suggested by M2tias. Thank you to all involved for making the episode!


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