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30th April 2018
Rumour: Remedy to Showcase "P7" at E3 2018

With E3 creeping closer, the rumours have begun regarding what new games we'll get to see in just a few weeks. One of which caught the eye of LSKzane, a member on the Remedy Forums who posted a link to a new PCGamesN teasing the developer's appearance at the event as they show the first glimpse of their new title, currently codenamed "P7".

While not much is known about Remedy's current title, we know that "P7" is currently slated for a targeted 2019 launch on PC, XBOX One and Playstation 4, published by 505Games. We also know that it's a new IP and not a sequel to one of Remedy's previous titles.

Announcing on their website, PCGamesN stated that the new game will be part of a lineup that 505Games will be bringing to the show. The website includes a quote stating that the first glimpse of "P7" will be “giving press the first hands-off look”.

At present the news remains a rumour as neither 505Games or Remedy have publicly commented on the announcement. PCGamesN has not reported how they received the news or the origin of the quote.

We'll update this page once we have more. 


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