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24th April 2018
"Planning Remedy's Dev Day" Article
[Plus Dev Day Wrap Up]

A little while ago, Remedy held their second "Remedy Dev Day", a program organised by the studio's media unit and HR, which brings convention talks to the company's home.

The event was held at an off-site auditorium which held lectures by six speakers throughout the day including Kenneth Brown (Technical Art Director at SEED), Mike Clopper (Lead Designer at Certain Affinity), Mikael Hasslund (Gameplay Code Engineer at DICE), Joakim Lord (Senior Software Engineer at DICE), Michael Malinowski (Senior Technical Animator at Creative Assembly) and Mattias Wiking.

Following the event, Thomas Puha, Head of Communications at Remedy, wrote a guest article for detailing the process for setting up the event and why the studio views the occasion as an important day. You can check out Thomas' article on the GI site, HERE.

Photos from the Remedy Dev Day:


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