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10th April 2018
Remedy's April Fools 2018 Video [Plus Community Fan Art!]

With renovations and packing taking place these past few weeks, it's been a busy time to just sit down and write about the Remedy-related activities taking place recently. There's still a lot of work to do, but fortunately the end is in sight and it's at least a little more relaxed for now.

The biggest news item from the past couple of weeks to come from Remedy has been their April Fool's video which announced that the studio was moving away from game design and turning production and their focus to their truer passion, coffee. The "announcement" was shared on the developers' YouTube channel and social media accounts, in a video hosted by Creative Director, Sam Lake.

From a country standpoint it would weirdly make sense, Finland is one of the highest coffee consumptions in the world with 12kg being drank per person, every year. Plus those beans are slightly easier to ship than a AAA project. Mmm coffee.

You can check out the video below, and make sure to stay for the very end!

A couple of familiar names in the Remedy fan art community put pencils, and even coffee, to paper after the video went live. Those nerds. :)

Katerina (@SeaCat2401) drew Sam with a Remedy-branded cup, surrounded by a swirling background of coffee beans and light bulbs. It looks great, Kat!

There's also Carla (@Tcmexphony) whose piece took inspiration from Alan Wake for her really cute pencil sketch!


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