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24th March 2018
PayneReactor's Nineteenth Anniversary

Today we congratulate our friends over at PayneReactor! The site celebrated its nineteeth anniversary today, an amazing milestone and clear showcase of their dedication to the Max Payne series and its fans.

The site was originally called Insane Payne and was founded by Kristian Brynie Hollund back in 1999. In 2001 it joined with GameReactor, where it changed its name to PayneReactor, and it became an independent fansite again shortly before the release Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Despite the split, the site kept the name PayneReactor, which it still holds today. In 2013, Kristian stepped away from the site due to other obligations, where the project was transferred to long-time-co-owner, Patrick Streutjens.

Originally created as a Max Payne fansite, it's now a home to content of story-focused games with recent content on Red Dead Redemption 2, Rise of Industry, Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples, the Tomb Raider series and more.

Congratulations on the milestone, PayneReactor!


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