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14th December 2017
Quantum Break Spotlighted In New Humble Monthly

Humble Monthly is a charity-driven subscription service which presents gamers with a selection of exciting games they may not have yet tried, while also supporting charities by donating a slice of the subscription cost to great causes.

In preparation for the January bundle, Humble Monthly is offering three "early unlock" titles which includes Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III, The Long Dark, and Remedy's latest game Quantum Break.

The subscription service costs $12 per month, but unlocks game bundles worth often ten times that amount. In addition to new monthly games, subscribers will be able to access the Humble Trove; a library of games including Humble Originals and DRM-free titles. Included in that library is Alan Wake's American Nightmare, so if you're a bit behind on Remedy titles, it's a great way to catch up.


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