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11th December 2017
Anna Megill's Christmas Card Draw [ENDED]

This is not an official Remedy project but one of the developers at the studio is running a really cool holiday giveaway which I wanted to let you know about!

Senior Writer, Anna Megill has arranged a Christmas card draw for this December. Community members who send Anna a card via the company address will be entered into the sweepstakes.  One lucky winner will receive a small special mystery prize donated by Remedy. Possible prize aside, it's Anna's first Christmas in Helsinki and being on the other side of the globe during this time of year is never easy, so the cards will definitely be appreciated during this time.

The deadline for the draw is 15th December. Your card doesn't need to necessarily reach her by then but a photograph of the envelope (probably best to blur out the return address, but the company's is public knowledge) posted to her on Twitter (@cynixy) before the date is enough to put your name into the draw.

The address to send the cards to is: Anna Megill, Remedy Entertainment Plc., Kappelitie 8, FI-02200, Finland.


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