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2nd November 2017
Quantum Break 4K (XBOX One X) Update Out Now!

XBOX One owners will have the option to download the new Quantum Break 4K update from today.

The free game update comes ahead of the XBOX One X console launch, the console will be released on November 7th and will cost about £449 in the UK. While expensive, it comes with a series of improvements on its predecessors, with a CPU promising to be 30% faster than the original XBOX One and a GPU over four times as powerful.

The Quantum Break update is a little hefty, sometimes reportedly totalling a 94.7GB (depending on what has already been installed) with the approximate overall game size suggested on game's hub as being "102.6GB". With the increase in space it consumes comes the increase in power; the title is promised to be absolutely gorgeous with a step up on visuals which was stunning to begin with.

Older XBOX Ones Not Affected. Thomas Puha, Head of Communications at Remedy, clarified on his Twitter that the upgraded visuals patch will only be affecting the XBOX One X. This evening he posted, "getting details on the QB patch that came out earlier today? There are loads of influencers/press etc with Xbox One X’s already. / So, there are updates for various games coming out including @QuantumBreak The patch does nothing for the Xbox One/S versions." His comments does clarify a lot of the confusion about the console updates and some contradicting information about who it affects.

There has also been suggestions from community managers at XBOX about backing up your XBOX One games on an external HDD drive, which will allow gamers to transfer titles from their old console to their new one if they decide to upgrade. The patch on all XBOX One consoles allows for gamers to jump more-or-less straight into playing rather than being at the mercy of their download speed.

Getting the new patch. If your console is set to install updates automatically, you may find it already on your drive waiting for you or finishing up. I have an older XBOX One but similarly found the patch already installed.

If you have to manually give permission for updates, you can hit the XBOX logo on your controller, tap down to "My games & apps" (the first of three icons at the top), then find Quantum Break in your games list, hit the small button with three grey lines on your controller, go to "Manage Game" and finally go down to "Updates". That menu will also tell you when the title was last updated in case you don't know if you have the latest patch.

Reviews. A little while ago Digital Foundry at Eurogamer explored the ways in which the update is a positive improvement on the game. You can read about the changes, HERE.


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