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17th November 2017
Black Friday Sales on Humble Store & XBOX [Updated!]

The Black Friday Sales are upon us with a number of Remedy titles taking part in the offers! 

For PC owners. The Humble Store has some pretty nice price reductions on Max Payne, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. The Max Payne games are both 65% off, with American Nightmare at a hefty 80% off. A portion of the price also goes to a charity of your choice with a selection of hundreds to choose from. You can also purchase the games as gifts for friends.

Click HERE for the PC sale.

For XBOX owners. Microsoft is running an offer on hundreds of games for the XBOX 360 and XBOX One. The sale is currently available to Gold Members but will come to non-Gold Members on Tuesday 21st November. Included in the listed deals is Alan Wake's American Nightmare which has a 75% discount and Quantum Break which has a 50% discount. Similar to The Humble Store, XBOX games can now be gifted!

Click HERE for the XBOX sale.

Update 22/11/17: The XBOX Sale is now available to all members, whether you have Gold, Silver or no membership. If you have a Gold account, you will get a higher discount compared to the others. Quantum Break is -40% (normal) and -50% (Gold). American Nightmare is -65% (normal) or -75% (Gold).


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