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12th November 2017
Community Creations: Halloween 2017 Edition!

Despite the original game launching over seven years ago and retiring from stores this February, there's always a buzz within the Alan Wake fandom during Halloween. While American Nightmare took part in digital sales, a number of community members celebrated the 31st with a Remedy twist. Cosplays were cosplayed, pumpkins were carved, and Bob Ross videos were watched.

Below are a collection of fans who incorporated Remedy's titles into their celebrations!

Alessa's "it's not a lake, it's an aubergine" Carving

A few days before Halloween, I made a joke on Twitter about someone carving a spooky eggplant to make the pun "it's not a lake, it's an aubergine". I didn't expect anyone to do it, so was very surprised and delighted when my notifications showed me exactly that project. Alessa did a wonderful job with her carving, especially with a vegetable that is so structurally different from your ordinary Halloween pumpkin. She's a great friend whose indulgence of my silly joke was perfectly timed after a stressful week. Thanks Alessa!

Carla's Halloween Card

Another familiar name is the Remedy community is Carla (who we spotlighted on the site previously under her former username, TotecTripled). She's created dozens of Alan Wake and Quantum Break sketches for a variety of occasions. Her latest one, drawn in time for Halloween, features a cat version of Mr Scratch in the style of a greetings card.

Ceemdee's Max Payne 2 Pumpkin

For the event, The Art of Videogame's Twitter channel spotlighted ceemdee's brilliant Max Payne 2 pumpkin. Ceemdee's deviantArt page is filled with gorgeous carvings with images from Stranger Things, LA Noire, Hitman, Minecraft, Portal and more! Her Max Payne carving was completed a few years ago, back in 2010, but still is impressive now as it was then. Make sure to check out her dA page for more!

Aleksander's Alan Wake Silhouette Pumpkin

Speaking of pumpkins from Halloweens past, two years ago Aleksander finished his Alan Wake inspired pumpkin carving, complete with jacket detail. Pumpkins can be pretty tricky to carve, but he's managed to capture the distinctive silhouette shape and Wake's body language perfectly. He did a wonderful job!

Joshua's Alan Wake Cosplay

To wrap up the article, we have Joshua's Alan Wake cosplay, complete with props including a torch, gun, and a collection of manuscript pages. He did an amazing job assembling a costume which always looks misleadingly straight forward to do but is surprisingly challenging once you try to build the look. The outfit turned out incredible and he makes an great Wake.


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