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15th October 2017
Obilisk & The Sound Architect Talks to Petri Alanko

Back in August, Petri Alanko attended Soundtrack 2017 in Cologne as a guest speaker. During his stay in Germany, he also spoke to a number of publications including Obilisk and The Sound Architect about his work and passions. Alanko has worked with Remedy on anumber of games including Alan Wake, Death Rally 2011/12, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Agents of Storm, Quantum Break and more recently, Crossfire 2; the inspirations and processes of which he talks about in depth with the two sites.

First up, Obilisk Games (a gaming website), recently posted a lengthy and interesting interview with Alanko, which spans his interests, motivations, and explores what influenced Alan Wake's and Quantum Break's score. The answers are posted in text form on the website, HERE.

The Sound Architect also interviewed Alanko at the event, for the latest episode of their podcast. The full episode lasts half an hour and is available to listen to on Soundcloud. It's perfect to listen to on a Sunday evening like today with a cup of tea. Click HERE to listen to it!


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