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5th September 2017
Poets of the Fall Store Sale, New Single & Photo Teaser

For Poets of the Fall fans this week, there was a lot of new and exciting information regarding the band's future projects. 

First up is a new track! Recently the group partnered with Jay Ray for his new single, Striven, which features vocals by Marko Saaresto. The music video was released a few days ago on YouTube. It's pretty different from the band's usual work but there's a thread of familiarity. It's an interesting song, and a nice track to start with for POTF fans unfamiliar with Jay Ray's work. You can check it out below! 

Following the release of Jay Ray's single, Poets of the Fall posted an unusual photo on their social media pages with no caption or additional information. The photo shows a dark piano with a bowler hat, candle holder and vase of roses resting on top. There's a painting hanging on a wallpapered wall showing a woman in white. A word is engraved in the piano lid reading "Witchcraft". The date "22/9/17" (Friday 22nd September) is scrawled in red at the bottom of the image. There's some theories in the community that the photo is referring to a possible music video of Moonlight Kissed from their recent album, Clearview. Other fans believe it might be a new world tour, a new vinyl, a teaser for Alchemy Vol 2, or maybe a possible new album.

Our final bit of news today is about a new sale at Backstage Rockshop (formally Mad Supply) who runs POTF's official store page. They have a stock clearance sale which includes a lot of merchandise from a wide range of bands, including Poets. They have a lot of t-shirts with the band's old logo, as well as their latest range of Clearview merchandise. You can see all the deals, HERE

A bit of information about the band: Poets of the Fall has had a long history with Remedy, which officially started back in 2003 with Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. For the game, POTF created their first song, Late Goodbye based on a poem by Sam Lake. Later, the band returned for Alan Wake, creating the custom songs The Poet and the Muse and Children of the Elder God. Their song War, from their album, Twilight Theater, also made an appearance in the game. Their latest project with the developers has been with Alan Wake's American NightmareBalance Slays the Demon was created specifically for the title, and The Happy Song (which also appeared in the album Temple of Thought) also appeared in the game. They also created the song Labyrinth which appeared on their album, Clearview, originally for Quantum Break but while both parties were eager to get the song in the game, there were sadly unpredicted setbacks. 


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