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3rd September 2017
New Job Positions at Remedy [with Articles]

Following Remedy's Summer vacation, a new list of job positions have been posted on their website.

A lot of the roles are for senior positions, with relocation to Helsinki and previous experience being essential for the postion. The company is based in Finland, and Finnish lessons are available once relocated but prior knowledge of the language isn't mandatory, however applicants will need to have a good grasp of English to communicate with fellow devs at the studio.

Since the advert was released on Twitter, there has been an additional job vacancy added; Remedy is also looking for an experienced Lighting Artist. A degree isn't mandatory, although it's an additional boost, so even if you're self-taught, if you've got the evidence to prove your skill you have a good chance!

Click HERE for the full list of job openings at Remedy.

Recently there has also been a couple of new articles written as an introduction to Finland and the studio.

First up is Thomas' LinkedIn article. As the Head of Communications at Remedy, he talks about studio culture as well as the kind of work that you would be joining in on. He also touches on the relocation process and eases fears about relocation to Finland. If you're interested to read more, make sure to check out his article, HERE.

Next up is Kathrin's article. She helps people relocate from their current home to accommodation near the studio. As it's a huge step, she one of the people who guides new employees and their families and help them settle. As Remedy requires relocation to Finland, she has put together a guide on "7 things that 7 years in Finland taught me". You can read it on her website, HERE.


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