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20th August 2017
Free 4K Quantum Break Upgrade for XBOX One X

Microsoft's Gamescom conference was a little different this year with the publisher trading in their stage and theatre for a more intimate setting with three hosts and a sofa. Steamed worldwide, Graeme Boyd, Julia Hardy and Maxi Gräff revealed what XBOX had in store for the upcoming months.

During sections of the show, they were joined by special guests including Aaron Greenberg (Head of XBOX Games Marketing) and Shannon Loftis (General Manager at Microsoft Games Publishing) who spoke about the new Enhancement programme which saw fan favourite titles given a new look with a free 4K upgrade.

During the talk, it was revealed that Quantum Break will be joining the program. The game will receive a free 4K upgrade for XBOX One X owners.

You can watch the briefing above, or check out the transcript of the announcement below:

XBOX Gamescom Briefing Transcription / Quantum Break Section

Aaron: ...Of course, when people saw the specs of the XBOX One X, and all the power and the ability to do true 4K gaming, they said “are you going to take any of the games that I own and make enhancements”. And so within Microsoft Studios, we’re going back and making games like Gears of War 4, updating it and [in] true 4K with HDR. We’re doing the same for a bunch of our other titles; adding 4K upgrades. These are free 4K upgrades. So if you own Forza Horizon 3, you own Minecraft, you own Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2, all those titles we’re going to update for you for free.

Graeme: Nice.

Maxi: So-

Graeme: There’s other games as well, right?

Maxi: There’s definitely-

Aaron: So, you’re right! I have some more. Fans asked [unclear] and that’s great, [unclear] with love. What about Halo 5? Well the team at 343, we’re excited to share, is going back and updating Halo 5 in 4K as well. And one of my personal favourite games from last year, a masterpiece that Shannon and her team actually gave to us, Quantum Break, today we’re announcing will be another free 4K upgrade as part of our Enhanced programe.

Graeme: That’s great news, Quantum Break looked amazing anyway, it’s going to look incredible on XBOX One X

Shannon: Shawn Ashmore in 4K!

Graeme: Well. Say no more! He is a dish. That is for sure.

Maxi: So not only Remedy got their hands on a dev kit, also we have a lot of other partners that have a dev kit at their studios. There’s a lot of other partners that have a dev kit at their studios. What are they having in stock?

Aaron: Response has been great. We obviously made sure we had our dev kits out to folks as soon as possible within a couple of months we’ve seen an incredible response, and in fact, we have a programme for these titles now, that they’re XBOX One X Enhanced. You’ll see it on the box, and we’re in fact today going to release our first list of titles which are committed to doing enhancements for XBOX One X.


The Control Series

The Crossfire Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




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