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3rd July 2017
iam8bit's "Twelve Days of Christmas (In July) Sale" [ENDED]

Our recent posts have focused on a variety of online sales including Steam's Summer Sale and XBOX's Ultimate Game Sale. We are continuing that trend with news of iam8bit's storewide discount.

Twelve Days of Christmas (In July) Sale sees a price reduction of 20% across their range, which includes a limited edition piece of Quantum Break merchandise. Last year, iam8bit teamed up with Microsoft and Remedy to produce a special thirteen track, 180-gram vinyl commemorating the game's incredible music by Petri Alanko. The cover art is by Christina Mrozik and looks absolutely incredible. The item is limited to only 3000 copies worldwide. 

It's currently available for sale from the UK and US store at 20% off the $28 retail price, bringing the total down to £23.80. 

Click HERE to go to iam8bit's store.


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