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27th July 2017
Aleoo's Art Commission Raising Money for Friend's Surgery

If you're active in the Alan Wake community, Aleoo's name may be a familiar one! She's a talented artist living in Russia whose gorgeous works have captured both the community's and Remedy's attention. Her work was also presented to the developers as a gift from the Remedy boards when our former community manager, Pete, travelled from Australia to Finland.

Recently she has opened her commissions, welcoming donations as little as $15 for a hand drawn piece of artwork, with the money going to a great cause.

Aleoo and three friends (Linch, Aeglos and Armentarius) are joining forces and have started a campaign where all the money raised from their artwork commissions goes towards a mutual friend, Zudina. Zudina is currently awaiting a bone marrow transplantation following a relapse of Leukaemia. The money will help find a donor, and with any luck beat this thing once and for all.

For more details, check out Aleoo's Tumblr page HERE, or Zudina's campaign, HERE.


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