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28th May 2017
Sam Lake Talks to Eurogamer at Digital Dragons
[Current Projects, Alan Wake & New Platforms]

Following his keynote at Digital Dragons, Sam Lake spoke to Robert Purchese at Eurogamer about Remedy's upcoming projects, how Alan Wake 2 became Quantum Break, and expanding onto new platforms.

The interview goes in depth on a range of topics, but specifically addresses the future of the company and recent announcements. It's also has nice answers from Sam about the possibility of an Alan Wake 2 at some point; it's not in the works but still of interest.

"How many independent studios who make games of blockbuster scope still exist? You'd be forgiven for thinking Remedy was not independent. For the past decade it has been under Microsoft's wing making exclusive Xbox games. But not any more. Now, Remedy has shrugged off console exclusivity and set about making games for other consoles, including the PlayStation 4. At Polish conference Digital Dragons I sat down with creative director Sam Lake to find out more about this new era for the studio." Click HERE to read the interview in full.


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