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20th May 2017
Loading Ready Run Takes on Alan Wake

This past week, Loading Ready Run has created a series of content dedicated to Alan Wake following it's departure from retail. Many members of the group have played the game before but some were actually picking it up for the first time, which is really cool to see!

Loading Ready Run is a comedy group based in Canada, who are not only funny and relaxing to watch but also incredibly geeky. They started back in 2003 with weekly sketches which they ran for eleven years, before turning expanding to daily content through YouTube and Twitch. What started out as a hobby has become a successful business. In addition to the sketches, they're also best known for Friday Nights (Magic The Gathering webseries), Checkpoint, and Unskippable. They're also do amazing work every year to raise money for Child's Play through Desert Bus for Hope!

Alan Wake antics...

- Ben took on Alan Wake for the first time, with Alex in this week's Let's Nope (horror let's play series). There's also an introduction from Graham at the start. Click HERE to watch the Twitch playthrough.

- Before Ben and Alex played the title live on Twitch, Graham recorded a quick vlog (for a side channel) about his morning. It features some discussion about Alan Wake but I wanted to mention it as it's a cool behind the scenes video set while preparing the stream. You can check it out, HERE!

- Graham and Kathleen starred in Checkpoint, a video games news report, in which they talk about the stories this week. You can watch the completed version HERE, or the live recording from Twitch which stars Paul, HERE. Personally, I like the latter as there's more of a discussion following the recording, plus yay Paul!

Also! Back in 2014, Graham (with Kathleen in the second part) played through Alan Wake's American Nightmare in LRR's House of Stark series. [Part One / Part Two]


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