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15th May 2017
Alan-Wake-Up's AW Code Giveaway [Steam]

Fellow fansite, Alan-Wake-Up, is giving away ten copies of Alan Wake on Steam to new Remedy fans!

The giveaway is following the announcement that the title will disappear from stores and digital marketplaces on Monday 15th May, as the licensing for the songs has expired. As the game cannot be further distributed without renegotations for the use of the songs, the original game and DLC packs will be removed from stores, but Alan Wake's American Nightmare will remain as the game had different negotiators. 

Because of the upcoming deadline, Alan-Wake-Up has very generously bought copies to be given to gamers before time runs out. This is the perfect opportunity for new Remedy fans or those unable to buy a copy to play the game! To enter all you have to do is reblog THIS post. Only one reblog per person! And make sure to reblog soon if you want a chance at winning a copy as the giveaway ends soon at 5pm MDT! 


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