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12th May 2017
Alan Wake Will Disappear from Stores on 15th May
[90% on Steam, GOG and The Humble Store!]

[The sale has now gone live! 90% off all Alan Wake titles on Steam, GOG and The Humble Store.]

If you have yet to play Alan Wake, make sure to get a copy this weekend! Due to licensing renegotiations the game (both physical and digital editions) will be discontinued. There are plans to return the game back to stores but there's no time frame for this as of yet.

Alan Wake will be removed from digital marketplaces (including Steam and XBOX Live) on 15th May!

The Steam store will be holding a sale this weekend with a 90% discount on the Alan Wake franchise. The sale will start tomorrow and last until the 15th, after the game will be removed from the store.

For clarity: if you own a digital copy, you will still be able to play the game after the date, even though it's not available to buy anymore. You bought or were given that copy, that game is yours. This also doesn't include Alan Wake's American Nightmare, which will remain available after the 15th.

For more information check out the Q&A page on the Remedy Forums:


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