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29th April 2017
Quantum Break Wins Trophy at The Finnish Game Awards

The Finnish Game Awards 2016 took place this week and resulted in Quantum Break taking home a new, well-deserved trophy!

The award ceremony was held on Thursday 27th April in which a total of ten awards were given to developers across Finland. For Remedy, Quantum Break was awarded "The Big Screen Game of the Year 2016" award which was selected by the Finnish Game Developers' Association.

Check out this wonderful group photo of Remedy developers accepting their award:

Announcement on the Neogames website: 
The Big Screen Game of the Year 2016: Quantum Break / Remedy Entertainment

Finland’s PC and console games’ flagship company is Remedy and its latest game is the Quantum Break. It offers full visual, narrative and gameplay experience. Quantum Break combines familiar elements of games and TV series in a new way. It’s a trendsetter far into the future like Remedy’s previous games. For more information, visit
Read the full article on the Neogames website HERE.


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