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22nd April 2017
Spring Charity Auction for Cancer Research UK

Last October, you guys were awesome and you supported and helped spread awareness of our Monarch Gala Charity Auction. The event lasted for seven days and featured items from the Alan Wake and Quantum Break series. By the end of the week, over £130 was raised for Cancer Research UK! 

As mentioned in the post at the time, there were some items which were originally planned to be included, but would take a little longer to set up. The items have now returned safely back to the UK and they're ready to be shipped to worldwide. 

Today we're announcing a charity auction on eBay, with support from Remedy Entertainment and Poets of the Fall. 100% of money raised will go directly to Cancer Research UK.

A huge thank you to Remedy and Poets of the Fall for helping with the auction (especially Captain, Mikki, Lauri and Sam), and thank you to Jani Savolainen for donating the Max Payne 2 game! 

Items for Charity: We have four awesome items lined up for this auction:

About Cancer Research UK: Cancer Research UK helps support scientists, doctors and nurses in their research and treatment of over 200 different types of Cancer. The money the charity raises also goes into public awareness about the disease, providing details of possible symptoms and places for support. In the past forty years, Cancer survival has doubled; women with breast cancer now have a 78% chance of surviving at least a decade compared to 40% forty years ago. Similarly testicular cancer has jumped from 69% to 98% since the 1970s for patients surviving more than ten years. And malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer has seen a jump from 46% to 89%. There’s also been an focus within the charity to increase research for pancreatic and lung cancers to improve treatments.

For more information, check our the Cancer Research UK website, HERE.

Reasons for Choosing the Charity: As with the previous charity auction, all the money raised will be going to Cancer Research UK. It's a charity which is close to my family; we lost a lot of really wonderful people to Cancer. In my previous post I wrote about my Granddad who passed away when I was seven and about my Nan who ran Star Trek conventions in the 1970s and raised money for the charity before she was diagnosed with it. 

Something I didn't mention during last year's auction was the news that, just a few months prior, my Nan (on my Dad's side) discovered that she had breast cancer. After numerous rounds of chemotherapy and doctors appointments, we were relieved to hear that she had beaten it. And it's an outcome that I would love to see becoming more the norm. 

How it's going to work: The auction will take place over the next week on eBay. Bidders will need to have Paypal set up to transfer the money across if they are the winning bid. All items can be shipped worldwide, and we'll keep you up to date on how your parcel is doing from the moment the auction ends through to shipping. The parcels will be sent off through Royal Mail (UK postal service) as soon as the money has been successfully transferred. 

If you are the winning bid, please transfer the money as a personal transaction. eBay and Paypal doesn't take a share of the profits for charity items, but they do if it's marked as a business deal. We got in contact with both companies last year after some panic and luckily it was refunded, but they suggested transferring the money as personal friends and family transaction in the future. 

eBay automatically takes the money out from the Paypal account a month after the item is sold, and it's given directly to the charity. We do get receipts and they will be published on this site in late May. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jadenmorretti (at) yahoo (dot) com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Special Thank You:  Than you to Jani Savolainen for the donation of the Max Payne 2 game! Thank you also to Lauri (Senior Media Producer at Remedy), Mikki (Narrative Lead at Remedy) and Captain (Poets of the Fall) for helping me to arrange this. And to Sam, Remedy and Poets for the signatures.


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