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3rd February 2017
Community Spotlight: Evil-Owl-Loki's Remedy Artwork
[Part Two & Interview]

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. For this post, we return to a familiar name in the community...

For our first Community Spotlight in 2017, we're actually returning to our first Community Spotlight for 2016. Over the past twelve months, Evil-Owl-Loki has continued to post incredible piece of fan art inspired by Remedy's titles, that it felt right to revisit her work for the feature. This post also includes an interview with the lovely artist which the previous post didn't have as it's become a relatively new addition to the Community Spotlights.

With the release of Quantum Break last April, a lot of her artwork has mainly focused on that franchise, although Wake has never been far behind. With the latest pieces, Evil-Owl-Loki has expanded her already impressive skills and portfolio. Characters are somehow even more alive, notoriously tricky details such as hands has been further practised, even the eyes have become increasingly more expressive with each piece. Her artwork was already incredible, but there's a very real sense that every day it's somehow getting better.

One of my favourite pieces of hers is one that she posted pretty recently. It features Beth holding the C.F.R while wearing a beanie hat and with short hair, a style that we see in Quantum Break. (It's also the image below!) There is another version which you can see HERE. The image does reveal a massive spoiler in the game, so only click that link if you have already played all of the way through. I love both pieces but the linked version is definitely haunting!

In addition to being a Remedy fan, Evil-Owl-Loki also creates fanart inspired by Poets of the Fall's songs. The designs are very elegant! Some of the pieces are a play on the Drama for Life single cover which features the band's iconic Morpho butterfly resting on a chess piece, whereas others feature individuals or a couple. (My personal favourites are: Center Stage, Can You Hear Me, and Temple of Thought.)

For the post, Evil-Owl-Loki has very kindly taken the time to answer some questions about the artwork and what inspired her. You can read her answers below:

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi, I'm Mary from cold Siberia (oh no, I don't have a tame bear! хD) and I've been drawing since childhood. My nickname on the internet is "evil_owl_loki" simply because I love owls and I like the character (Loki). I also love dark and serious things, so I think [that's why] I was so attracted to [Remedy's games].

Where did you get your passion for art?

Huh, if to be perfectly honest, I do not know what to answer. Just in my head. Sometimes [I have] a lot of ideas that need to somehow be implemented, and drawing helps me to transfer them to the real world.

What motivates you to keep drawing?

My love for this business and the desire to create something beautiful. Okay, sometimes I hate it but maybe it's the fate of any artist. In these moments it really helps [when] people like what I do. I do not know them, but their endorsement give a lot of motivation to continue and improve. Your community also helps me [to continue to draw] fan-arts ;)

Back in early 2016, Evil-Owl-Loki was one of the artists who contributed to a community book for Remedy's Story Team Manager. This was one of her contributions. 

You have a wonderful and unique style! Are you a self-taught artist or did you take lessons?

Oh, thank you. I just think that I don't have a recognizable style. I went to art school in childhood, it was fun sometimes. Now I am studying as a graphic designer. But mostly what helps me [is] that I draw almost every day.

How and when did you become a fan of Remedy’s games?

It happened on September 19th (yes, I remember the date because it was two years ago хD), [when] the game (Alan Wake) was introduced to me by a friend at the institute. I fell in love with the game with the DLC "The Writer" and yes, I still love this game. [I became a complete Remedy] fan after Max Payne.

Which Remedy series do you enjoy making art for the most, and why?

The "surprising" answer is Alan Wake! Just [because] this game combines everything I love and so it has an amazing atmosphere with a great character (but yes, they exist in all games); I actually love all the Remedy’s games, just AW a little more than others, huh.

A huge thank you to Mary for the wonderful answers and for letting us feature her artwork again! If you want to keep up with her adventures, make sure to check out her Tumblr or Instagram for more!


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