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23rd January 2017
Community Manager Appreciation Day

It's Community Manager Appreciation Day! For those that don't know, CMAD started back in 2010 when Jeremiah Owyang launched a campaign to encourage communities to thank those that bridge the gap between the audience/fandom and company. Since its launch it's traditionally celebrated on the fourth Monday and has gained international recognition.

This year I want to give a shoutout to two amazing Community Managers. 

Over on the Remedy side there's Lauri Haavisto, whose main role as the Senior Media Producer also sees community management duties. In addition to being involved in and creating a lot of the content that we talk about in the fandom, Lauri is often found on the Remedy forums and Steam discussion boards helping fans and fighting ninjas.  He also helped us set up the Monarch Gala Charity Auction back in October which raised money for Cancer Research UK. And on top of all of that he's a genuinely awesome guy!

On the Microsoft side, there's Josh Stein who was (and still is) the Community Manager for Quantum Break. In addition to being 90% latte, I only very recently discovered that he joined Microsoft back in early 2016 meaning that QB was one of his first projects at that role. Despite the new job, Josh was a natural fit and always looked comfortable with the community managing responsibilities the position threw at him. Back in April, he also let me give away a copy of Quantum Break on XBOX One in a competition where people Photoshoped cats onto screenshots of the game, and because of that I am always there if he ever needs a kidney.

Thank you!


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