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30th August 2016
Interviews On The Developer's New Direction

I hope you've all been well! It's been pretty quiet on The Sudden Stop over the past few days; last week my trusty laptop's battery died so I couldn't be as active on the site over the past few days. Fortunately there hasn't been much Remedy related news released recently, but with Gamescom and the newly filled CEO position, there has been some interviews with developers exploring the new direction for Remedy which are definitely worth taking a look at.

For those who don't know, Remedy are looking at working on multiple projects with a much shorter development time. So far, we know that one of those projects is the story campaign for CROSSFIRE 2, in partnership with Smilegate. There is also a second project, still in the conceptual stage.

This month, Remedy also revealed their brand new CEO, Tero Virtala, who spoke a little about the new direction of the company in a new interview with

Similarly, Remedy's Head of PR, Thomas Puha, also talked about the new approach at Gamescom in an interview with Polygon.

The interview don't discuss major details kept hidden from the developer's recent press release, but they do provide useful context and insight into the new decision.


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