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5th July 2016
XBOX's Ultimate Game Sale / Quantum Break Discounts
[American Nightmare Discount for Gold Members] [ENDED]

Last week, XBOX gamers heard the news of the Ultimate Game Sale, a week-long event which sees price reductions over dozens of games, including just released titles.

Among those that have been reduced in price is Quantum Break, which has dropped by 15% for XBOX One owners and 25% off for those who have XBOX Gold.

There's also discounts on the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break on the Microsoft store (HERE), and on the Quantum Break Console Bundle (HERE).

If you own an XBOX it's definitely worth taking a look at the list of discounts on Major Nelson's site (HERE) as there's a lot of hefty reductions of awesome games.

Update [5th July 2016]: Alan Wake's American Nightmare is now currently 50% off. Discount available for Gold Members only!


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