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23rd July 2016
Community Spotlight: Sara's Max Payne Artwork

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. This week, I wanted to share and write about Sara's incredible Max Payne artwork.

This weekend, the Max Payne community has been celebrating a huge milestone for the series; the 15th anniversary of its release date. I'll be posting more articles tomorrow, but for today I wanted to end the evening with a Community Spotlight. In a recent article, I wrote about how Max Payne has impacted the world of video games and changed how some developers approach combat and storytelling, even today. For many gamers, the series provided them with good memories and inspiration. Which brings us to the lovely Sara, also known on deviantArt by her username, Sarakpn.

Sara is a talented comic book artist and illustrator living in Belgium. She's also a gamer, and over the years has posted online amazing artwork celebrating her favourite titles including Hitman Absolution, The Wolf Among Us and, more recently, Max Payne
Her artwork captures the Max Payne vibe beautifully from the character's facial expression down to the weather in the background. The scene, clearly in the middle of intense gun fire, portrays one of the most iconic combat moves in the game, the shoot dodge. Max's face is not only a great resemblance to the in-game fighting expression but also goes beyond that, conveying deeper intensity and guilt. Clear attention to deal has also been put on the protagonist's clothes which are perfectly styled and realistically affected by the jump and wind. The weather also captures the oppressive and overwhelming atmosphere of the levels, setting the scene without a fault.

What's unique about the work is the exceptional amount of detail that she's placed in the piece. Everywhere you look is a reference to the game, making it the perfect tribute. 

You can follow more of Sara's work on deviantArt


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