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17th June 2016
Max Payne Retribution Fan Film Wraps Up Development

(First of all, a huge thank you to ComunidadRemedy for tagging me in the announcement post on Twitter; work has been pretty insane recently so keeping up to date on the hobby side of life has been pretty challenging and every now and again something slips under the radar especially with such an active global community.)

Recently Max Payne Retribution wrapped up filming after five months of hard work. The UK-based team made the announcement on their social media channels as well as on their blog. They now enter post production which brings a new set of challenges but everything for the film is there.

Speaking about their plans beyond post production in our January interview, Chloe stated "[The team] are going to save up for a premiere in London for all the cast and crew and industry professionals to showcase everyones hard work. We are also aiming to use the film as a platform/showcase for our next feature film… where we are hoping to have discussions at the American Film Market in LA end of the year!" So big things for the team in the works and looking beyond. If you're interested in attending the premier, Chloe has tweeted about seeking critics and reviewers who want to watch the film first.

The fan film is written and directed by Leroy Kincaide and produced by Chloe Chudasama and Elisar Cabrera. It also stars a large cast list including Luci Fish, Leroy Kicaide, Joan James Muiki, Gracie Tyrrell, Holly Woodhouse, Joe Jepson, Richard Gething, Raymond Whelan, Julian Gamm, Jon Campling, Ruth Petersen, Oli Regan, Scott Mullins and Max Cavenham.

For more information, check out their blog, here! In addition to their blog, other Remedy fansites have also been covering the project over the past few months too with ComunidadRemedy having a write up about the film and PayneReactor having a selection of new photographs from a recent shoot.

Photo from the fan film's Facebook page.


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