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21st June 2016
Community Spotlight: Carla's (TotecTripled) Quantum Break Fan Art

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. This week I wanted to write about Carla's amazing Quantum Break fan art. 

If you've been active on Twitter or Tumblr, you probably have already discovered some of her work. She posts under the username TotecTripled and Toteczious and has been pretty active in the Quantum Break community, especially in recent weeks. Her work regularly features Jack Joyce, William Joyce and also Schrödinger who many fans will recognise as Will's pet rat and is, technically, the first time traveller. 

Whilst Schrödinger is one of the game's minor characters, fans have fallen in love with his loyal and, at times, rebellious nature. For Carla, whose work often features the little guy, her depictions are always of him standing by Will and aiding him in his scientific research, and they're incredibly sweet. There's also an adorable comic in which Serene interrogates Schrödinger, asking direct questions, and you can see a huge amount of emotion on the little creature. It's pretty damn adorable. 
Carla has a specific style which perfectly complements the Quantum Break look, with a huge focus of her work being put on extraordinary locations and spectacles, something which is present in her fan art and more so in her own work. The sketches are still equally impressive with Carla experimenting with situations, expressions and styles.
Away from Quantum Break, Carla also creates her own comics and has several already published online. Her latest one, entitled I Am Kindred, is currently in development and various pieces of concept artwork are regularly posted on her pages. 

You can follow more of Carla's work on her deviantArt page, Twitter and on Tumblr


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