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11th May 2016
Community Spotlight: Kristy's Alan Wake Tattoo
[with Interview]

Kristy, also known online as InvisibleRain, is a familiar name in the Remedy Community. She's a talented artist whose inspiration has lead her to create over 200 pieces of Alan Wake and Quantum Break fan artwork. Her work has been featured by Remedy and Microsoft and has been showcased on the Alan Wake Facebook Page cover and on the Official QB website. For more of her adventures, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Patreon.

For all of her creative projects, Kristy has always been the person running the show, whether that would be fan art, fan fiction or inspired-roleplaying blogs... with exception of this latest piece. A couple of days ago, she posted a photo online of her first (and new!) Alan Wake tattoo.

Getting your first tattoo is a big step, which is why people can search for years in the quest to find the perfect design or artist. Kristy's tattoo is not only beautiful but is a compilation of things which motivate and inspires her. After searching for the perfect person to bring her ideas to life, she found Janelle Wallis, a talented tattoo artist based in Australia, whose passion for the idea and execution matched Kristy's own excitement.

As Kristy sought inspiration from Alan Wake, I asked if she wanted to say a few words about why she chose that design, especially as it was a huge decision:

Why I was inspired to get my tattoo? The torch symbolizes light among the darkness; it guides Alan to things that he needs to survive and fight through the dead nights of Bright Falls. To me, it represents following the light, and finding hope in the darkest places. Not only that, but Alan Wake has changed, and quite possibly saved my life. I was in the deep end of writers and artist block, and I couldn't be saved from it. The game completely opened my mind and sparked the creativity I longed for, for so many years. Tearing down the wall, and letting so much joy and creativity back into my life. Not only that, but because of the community I have met some amazing, loving and loyal friends along the way - I don't know where I'd be if I didn't play this game. It means so much to me, everything about it connects to me on so many levels, it's really hard to set it all out in words. So what better way to dedicate to the game, than to get it inked on my arm as a constant reminder to keep pushing forwards, and follow the light. Of course, most should know why the watercolour and semicolon are there by now, I don't think I need to explain that one. :)

Just after the interview she also added that for her Alan Wake transcends beyond the screen, saying "it's not just a game". Nerd culture has a wonderful way of integrating itself into people's lives whether it would be introducing people together, creating long lasting friendships or relationships or even providing inspiration. It's great to see that Wake's adventures has positively impacted Kristy's life, and continues to do so.


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