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10th May 2016
Shawn Ashmore & Dominic Monaghan Talks Quantum Break
Cinematic Games: Uncharted Territory [UK/BBC iPlayer]

If you live in the UK or you have access to BBC iPlayer, you can check out a new documentary hosted by Julia Hardy called "Cinematic Games: Uncharted Territory".

The documentary lasts for half an hour and discusses the evolution of games with industry professionals and actors. The show looks at how the attitudes and culture surrounding the medium is changing and explores how games are being influences and inspired by television and movies.

During the show, they focus on how games are now attracting Hollywood actors, something which had been pretty rare in the past. For the segment, Julia talks to Shawn Ashmore (actor for Jack Joyce) and Dominic Monaghan (actor for William Joyce) on the differences between acting for movies, television and on stage compared to acting for video games.

The Quantum Break segment begins at 12:45.

Cinematic Games: Uncharted Territory:

Games are taking more and more inspiration from movies, with big cinematic titles like Uncharted among some of the most loved. Julia Hardy investigates.

Watch the show on iPlayer, HERE.


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