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7th April 2016
Limited Edition Quantum Break Soundtrack on Vinyl

Following the release of Quantum Break this week, LA-based group, iam8bit, announced a new partnership with Remedy to make a limited edition run of Petri Alanko's soundtrack on vinyl.

Alanko has had a long history with Remedy, as he not only composed the soundtrack for Quantum Break but for Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare too. All of his tracks are incredible, even years after the release of AW, I can't listen to the soundtrack without being immediately back in Bright Falls. (As I write this I'm listening to Tom the Diver.)

The Quantum Break vinyl will be limited to 3,000. Each version will also come with a code for a digital version of the soundtrack, in case you want to keep the vinyl as a collector's item.

In addition to Petri Alanko's amazing soundtrack, the album will also feature brand new QB artwork created by Christina Mrozik which does look incredible. (Check the preview images below!)

Pre-orders have already begun over at iam8bit!
You can pre-order your copy, HERE.


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