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25th March 2016
On Acting, Music and Development / Media Roundup
[Interviews with Shawn Ashmore, John Kaefer, Sam Lake and Thomas Puha] / Updated #1

With Quantum Break's launch date closing in, we're treated to a flow of great interviews by the team behind the game from events across the globe.

Below is a selection of interviews uploaded this past week. Interviewees include Sam Lake (Creative Director), Thomas Puha (Head of PR at Remedy), John Kaefer (Composer for QB's live action show) and Shawn Ashmore (Lead Actor). You can check out the interviews below.

EXCLUSIVE: Shawn Ashmore, who stars in Quantum Break, on Being Latest Actor to Carve Role in Video Games 
NY Daily News (Interview with Shawn Ashmore)

Shawn Ashmore’s body was frozen, all over again. No, this wasn’t for some X-Men cameo. It was for a video game that Ashmore found himself in Finland a few months ago, battling to hold his entire body still in a sterile, empty room that game developer Remedy Entertainment uses for detailed facial motion-capture. And for Ashmore, star of FOX’s “The Following” and the former Bobby Drake, this was not easy.

Click HERE to read the interview

Live Interview with Shawn Ashmore
CBC News

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Exclusive Interview with ‘Quantum Break’ Composer John Kaefer

So, it’s not surprising that Julliard trained John Kaefer has composed the score for the live-action companion. Kaefer has also created music for television shows including Good Morning America, 20/20, and Sequestered. The musician spoke with FilmGamesEtc about how it was to work alongside Remedy and Microsoft for the project and how the gaming industry can broaden his musical creativity.

Click HERE to read the full interview.

Time travel the Greatest Weapon in 'Quantum Break'
Fox Gamer (Interview with Sam Lake and Shawn Ashmore)

Quantum Break Developer Interview 
GamerHubTV (Interview with Thomas Puha)

Quantum Break's Abandoned Prototype Had Crazy Time Powers - Interview
GamerHubTV (Interview with Sam Lake)


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