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16th March 2016
Play Quantum Break at Insomia57 [UK]

If you're going to be in or near Birmingham at the end of the month, you may want to buy a ticket to Insomnia57.

Insomnia57 is a large video game festival which will be touring around the UK this year, holding five huge events across Scotland, Ireland and England. Their first event of the year will be held in Birmingham between 25-28th March, and will be showcasing Remedy's upcoming game, Quantum Break, at the show.

Fans will have the opportunity to check out the game with a hands-on preview using the XBOX One Elite Controller. The booth will be located in the Exhibition Hall.

Insomnia57 Official Announcement:
Microsoft will be exhibiting at Insomnia57 and will provide gamers one of the first opportunities to get hands-on with Xbox One and Windows 10 PC exclusive, Quantum Break, in the UK. Quantum Break is the latest title from Remedy Entertainment and is part hard-hitting video game, part in-game live-action show – both featuring a stellar cast. The title will be available to all visitors at Insomnia Gaming Festival during the Easter bank holiday. 
Situated in the Exhibition Hall, players will be able to experience a section of Quantum Break using the Xbox One Elite Controller, which is designed in collaboration with pro-players, helping unlock the full potential of gamers and adapting to their unique styles of play.

Source: Insomnia57 


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