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14th March 2016
Updates on Quantum Break Merchandise
[T-Shirts, Guides, Novels]

There's been lots of updates and announcements recently with new Quantum Break merchandise, so I thought why not compile all of the information into one page to make it easier?!

Below is a selection of QB merchandise which has been recently announced:

XBOX One Bundle 

Quantum Break's XBOX One Bundle includes the white version of the console (500GB), a digital version of Quantum Break and a digital version of Alan Wake. Alan Wake comes complete with the two DLC packs; The Signal and The Writer.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Depending on where you pre-order Quantum Break, you could get some pretty cool bonuses. Each copy will come with a digital version of Alan Wake (playable on the XBOX One with Backwards Compatibility). Each copy will also come with a free Windows 10 version of the game.

Pre-order bonuses include a Steelbook case, Quantum Break t-shirt and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. There's also a variety of sales and store-based discounts available in several stores. Some stores combine several items, so make sure to check around!

[The list will be updated with more if they're revealed.]

Limited Edition T-Shirt

Quantum Break: Zero State Novel

Quantum Break: Zero State is a new novel written by Cam Rogers. The book takes a different route to the game, exploring alternative junction points.

It's currently available on Amazon and other online bookstores for roughly £7.99, depending on your location. Revealed in a recent tweet, it turns out that there will also be an ebook version released on the same day.

The Secret History of Time Travel

Recently new information arose about an upcoming guide for Quantum Break. The book sounds to be similar to Alan Wake Illuminated, which explored artwork, behind the scenes information, cut materials and more. Like Zero State, The Secret History of Time Travel will be released on the 5th April.

Click HERE to find out more about the book.

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