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12th March 2016
Microsoft Launches New Quantum Break Store!

If you've been waiting for a Quantum Break Store, you're in luck! Last night, Microsoft announced a new section to their online shop, dedicated to Remedy's latest game.

The store is a little empty at the moment, with only one item available to purchase, but judging from the publisher's tweets, there's plans and talks for expanding the selection. 

The item currently available is a limited edition launch t-shirt. On the front it features a fractured glass look with fragmented grey shapes looming in the bottom corner, like the game's promotional artwork. In the top corner there's Monarch Solutions' logo in golden orange. The back features the Quantum Break logo in the same colour as the Monarch's. The t-shirt is $22, and is available to buy now.

Note: At the moment, the official Quantum Break Twitter and Facebook page are holding a giveaway for one of the t-shirts!

[If you're using international shipping, please double check the amount before you buy. I'm shipping mine to the UK and it was a little pricey. If you have any alternative ways or help you can call on, you might want to explore those too.]


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