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10th March 2016
Adventures in Sydney
Quantum Break Launch Tour Part 5 / Updated!

Remedy is in Australia this week, to show Quantum Break off to the media and community in Sydney. At the event, players got a glimpse into the world of the game with a lengthy demo of the first act.

Gamers had the opportunity to attend the event through a giveaway hosted on IGN.

You can check out the coverage of the Sydney event below:

Articles / Interviews

Video – Time shenanigans: a Quantum Break Demo
The Spinoff

The Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment is just about ready to drop their latest AAA game, Quantum Break. José Barbosa gets a first hand demo from the Finnish developer’s head of PR, Thomas Puha.

Click HERE to see the full interview.

MDG puts Quantum Break through its paces

Quantum Break is from the same folk who brought us the Max Payne games and Alan Wake. So you know you are in for an ‘experience’ that oozes style, sex appeal, and bullet-time; but what happens when you give that team a bigger budget and more time? Quantum Break happens, is what.

Click HERE to read the article.



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