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11th February 2016
Quantum Break Press Day!
["The Cemetery" Trailer, XBOX One Bundle, Alan Wake Backwards Compatibility]

Last month, around forty journalists from across the globe travelled to Espoo in Finland to attend a special Quantum Break press event held at the Remedy offices. While there were photos posted throughout the week, the information released then was embargoed... until today.

And it covers A LOT of topics.

Alan Wake Backwards Compatibility Announced
Today we saw the official announcement that Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be coming to XBOX One, via backwards compatibility. The feature was announced at last year's E3 and, if you were on the look out, the Alan Wake box art was featured as one of the games coming to the program. If you have the titles already, you should get the option to download it for the XBOX One, like with all backwards compatible titles, but if you don't, you can get a free copy of the original game by pre-ordering Quantum Break. Alan Wake's American Nightmare will also be available with copies of Quantum Break, but only at select retailers. More information to come about that later.

XBOX One Bundle
Earlier Microsoft announced that they're making a special XBOX One 500GB bundle for the release of Quantum Break. According to Game Informer, the bundle is available both in white and black. (I have the white version from Sunset Overdrive, it's gorgeous.) The bundle will come with a digital copy of the game and the digital version of Alan Wake (plus The Signal and The Writer DLC packs) which can also be played on your XBOX One console, as it's soon to be backwards compatible. (Pre-orders for the bundle begins March 29th 2016.)

Quantum Break coming to Windows 10
PC Gamers! Quantum Break will be coming to Windows 10. According to a recent tweet by Remedy, "The Windows 10 version of @QuantumBreak is being developed by Remedy and Microsoft. A lot of effort is going into it. Stay tuned for more."

Quantum Break Steelbook
You may have seen mentions of a SteelBook version of Quantum Break being available but until this point it was a little blurry if the edition of a concept or official or anything. Today it was announced that there will be a SteelBook cover if you pre-order the game from participating retailers.

Brand New Trailer
Check out the brand new live-action trailer featuring Shawn Ashmore as Jack Joyce below:


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