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8th December 2015
Max Payne Teased for Playstation 4 Release

Recently some interesting information emerged regarding the Max Payne series. A few days ago, Max's original adventure was rated by the ESRB... for a Playstation 4 release.

Now this could be one of two things. The first theory is that Rockstar could have been working on a remastered version of the Max Payne game to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the game's launch, next year. Remastered editions have been made before with a much shorter gap between the first title and the return; for instance Tomb Raider Anniversary was created to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary. But I don't have that much confidence in that idea. For me, part of the reason why I adore the original Max Payne game is because it was made with a small team who was trying create a large AAA title for the first time. They solved development issues with clever ideas and expanded our expectation for games. The title was the first to introduce bullet time to the industry and made the adventure story-heavy during a time where that wasn't so common. There's smaller details that just add to my admiration of the game like how the team worked around a small budget, such as asking friends and family to portray characters. While a remastered version of the title would be cool and I would definitely play it, I don't think it would quite capture the essence that the original game had.

The other theory, and one that is more supported, is that it is part of the Playstation 1+2 games that will be available to play on Playstation 4. This would explain why the only announcement has been for Playstation  and not XBOX or PC. Not much news about it has been released yet, apart from that it's possible that it will make a return for the Next Gen console and that its rated Mature for its "Blood, Violence". I'll update the site with any further news.

Source: Polygon.


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