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19th December 2015
Quantum Break Easter Egg / The Search for Wake

A little while ago, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) tweeted a photo with the hashtag #alanwake, of a man in a tweed jacket who had been washed ashore. Recently Sam posted another photo. And that's where things get weird...

Both photos are easter eggs in Quantum Break which links back to Remedy's previous series, Alan Wake. The developers frequently reference their older works in their titles, so the presence of Wake in their upcoming title is normal. But Sam's recent photo features two FBI agents, one of them being Sam himself, searching for Wake and the name on his ID badge reads "Alex Casey".

Wait... What?

A few years before the events of the game, Alan Wake was a successful best selling novelist who decided to kill off his main character to start over fresh. The name of his character was Alex Casey whose life mirrored Max Payne and who is both fictional and very very dead... we think?

Whether this is fiction becoming reality or a television series like Night Springs or Lords and Ladies, it's going to be interesting solving this mystery when the game comes out next year.

Update (19/12/15):


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