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17th November 2015
The Origins of Quantum Break / Documentary
[Game Informer Coverage]

Yesterday, Game Informer uploaded a documentary-style video focusing on the origins of Quantum Break. This is the latest instalment in Game Informer's exclusive month long coverage of the game.

The video, which lasts over 10 minutes, features interviews with Sam Lake (Creative Director), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director) and Greg Louden (Narrative Designer). They talk about their personal opinions on the title, how they got involved, how Quantum Break came to be, and what challenges they've faced so far.

The video has just been posted to YouTube, which allows us to embed it below. Make sure to check it out, it's a really interesting and informative look on the game.

To view all of Game Informer's articles so far, check out their Quantum Break Hub page, HERE. And mark your calenders for 18th November for more goodness!


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